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About us Bahatinews
Bahati Media Group

Bahati Media Group LLC is a multimedia news/entertainment website found in Uganda. The media group was launched on 28th/Nov/2018 and has subsidiaries like Viral Motivations Uganda which is accessed at ( this is a motivational and inspirational website), the news site (BAHATI NEWS).
The Media Group was founded by Bahati WAlker a young digital entrepreneur who devoted his time and hardworking into developing a platform which transmits voices of local people, leaders, politicians, celebrities, to everyone. Which provides national and international news , religious, entertainment, business news and WWE to everyone online at free cost.


Our successfully story

BAhati Media Group started in 2018 of November 28th as a small website managed and operated by one person (BAhati WAlker).
In January 2019, the Media Group subdivided into motivational website( viral Motivations), news website, entertainment website which markets movies, documentaries, short inspirational and motivational videos/movies as products of the Media Group. In June, we fetched a lot of traffic on our website ( 10K weekly unique visitors) and we are among the top ranked news website in Uganda by Google search.
Per now, we receive traffic of 100K monthly visitors. We are among the best clean- smooth news website in Uganda with 4 Seconds loading time.


The Media Group currently operates in Uganda and it’s products are accessed across the Globe via our official website .
We practice the following services in Uganda:
We make movies ( shooting, directing, writing, editing and marketing)
We create video content, website contents, motivational and inspirational videos, advertise small and big businesses.
We report fresh news, local news, stories and entertainment highlights from all over the globe.


BOLDNESS: We are bold to our services.
ACQUIRE: We acquire the basic skills of how we can serve you better each passing time.
HONEST: we are honest to our customers and our online site users who access our products using our digital means.
AGILE: We acquire easily the modern technology and improve our services everyday.
TRUSTWORTHY: We trust our customers and we work hard to turn our customer’s tears into happiness.
INTEGRITY AND COMMITTED: We are committed to serve you better and listening to customer’s complaints is our first priority.


To motivate , inspire and transmit the voices of local people, their problems to the response people, organization and Government through News , video creations and Movies.


To be the leading film maker’s, heart of people platform in Uganda.

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