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Thanks for supporting us from the start upto now. We pledge to provide you with better services each passing time.

Are you a small business, big companies or you have something you just want to advertise online via our website?


As a media group, we do take this opportunity to inform you that we have opted in different advertisement methods. For example, you can advertise your business via banners, placed on top of our website, in post content, below post and on top.

You can also advertise your business via beautiful pop ups. We generate codes for your advertisement such that you can track your results.


We use cookies to advertise your business to people interested in your products so your advertisement won’t be shown to wrong audience.

The prices for each advertisement methods are discussed below:

  • Top banners : 55000Ugshs monthly you can change banners as many times as you want.
  • In post and above/below post : 65000Ugshs.
  • Video adverts: 85000Ugshs.

Your ads runs for a month on our website. We give the links and codes to monitor the performance of your advertisement, monitor clicks and impressions.

Interested?. send your advertisement requests to the following channels:

WhatsApp: +256788640169

Email :

Or you can call us on +256788640169.

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